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1. A Note on Language and Definition        
2. The Context and Background of the first Adventure Playground        
3. The emergence of British Adventure Play 5. From then to now
4. How Adventure Play developed in Britain  

By 1973 sixty one adventure playgrounds had been set up across the country. By 1976 there were 3 adventure playgrounds for children with disabilities. Both LAPA and HAPA continued to develop its playgrounds, as well as the Playground Committee of the NPFA.  

In the 1990s, LAPA changed its name to Playlink and recently changed its status from a charity to a company. HAPA also changed its name to KidsActive and more recently merged with another charity KIDS. Both LAPA and HAPA were forced to change and ultimately shutdown because of cuts in funding.

Unfortunately there is no adventure play organization solely dedicated to support, govern and guide adventure playgrounds any more.

Lady Allen of Hurtwood died in 1976, but her vision lives on. In 2008 there were approximately 75 adventure playgrounds in London.

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5. From then to now